Legal, Company Secretarial, Notarial Services Sri Lanka

Compliances of legal and secretarial practices are mandatory to any organization irrespective of its size, nature of the business or person involved.

All limited liabilities companies are under a mandatory to appoint a company secretary like appointing an external auditor to provide an opinion over the compliance of SLFRS, Companies Act No 7 of 2007 of the published accounts.

Our services in this regard include,
 Company Secretarial Services
 Filing of Returns
 Legal Advices
 Notarial Services
 Drafting of Commercial Agreements
 Notary attesting BOI agreements
 Local/Foreign Trade Marks & Domain Name Registration
 Company Formation
 In charge of Title Deeds, Survey Plans and Other connected Documents
 Helping on Voluntary Winding-up of Companies.

Other Services

Accounting and book keeping sri lanka Finanace and taxation Sri Lanka IT Services Sri Lanka
Accounting and Book-keeping
Finance and Taxation
Information Technology Services
Accounting and book-keeping are life blood for any organization to assess the performance and the financial health of the company. We provide the accounting information covering all aspects of business operation that can be made use by different stake holders such as the owners, staff, government legislative bodies, lenders, present and prospective investors etc. It is increasingly becoming important to allocate more time in formulating and implementing strategic financial management and tax planning. The financial decisions will invariably make an impact on overall cost of capital of an organization. Information technology is one of the paramount important factors to keep abreast with the dynamic and complex change in micro & macro-environment forces (such as, PEST). The long-term survival of any organization is dependent on the extent to which such enterprise can
defend itself to the unfavorable trend or development in the environment forces.
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