accounting and financial services in sri lanka
Accounting & Book Keepting Services Sri Lanka

Under the pretext of today's dynamic environment and intensified competition we are moving from providing feed-back information to feed-forward information. In the process we help organizations to have a balanced focus towards building a strong balance sheet whilst stimulating towards having a better balanced scorecard system.

ICC will play a major role in providing advisory and supports services to formulate and implement cost effective strategic financial modules by advocating proactive practices in decision making whilst mitigating business and financial risks.
Some of such services can be categorized as follows.

  • - Financial Reporting (including IFRS / SLFRS)
  • - Preparation of Payroll
  • - Strategic Financial Management
  • - Working Capital Management
  • - Business Plan and Budgets
  • - Business Valuation
  • - Risk Management
  • - Activity Based Management
  • - Activity Based Costing
  • - Balanced Scorecard Methodology
  • - Make or Buy Decision
  • - Pricing Strategies
  • - Investment Decisions
  • - Foreign Currency Management