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ICC is the first global organization which has identified the importance of demarcating the corporate services between the followers of Islam under the banner of "Sharia" compliance (Islamic Law) and the rest of corporate clients of other faiths.

With the emerging worldwide Islamic banking system in the financial sector majority of Muslims are benefited taking trade and other facilities under the pretext of "Sharia" compliance. Nevertheless, a vast number from the same faith raises questions concerning on the validity of such facilities which has invariably become almost similar in nature when comparing the deemed "Sharia" complied facilities with that of conventional interest bearing facilities prevailing in the financial market. In the recent past lot of debates have gone on this matter that may be good enough to have droughts to some Muslims who are still hesitating to embrace them on the face of it.

However, the present trend is such most of the Islamic followers do not want to carry out business against the "Sharia" in particular dealing with interest. Similarly, it is a vital fact that not only the interest should be forbidden but also "fair trading" practices are inheriting to portray as a guidance of how Holy Prophet Mohamed Salllahu Alaihiwasallam (PBUH) has shown during his life time when doing business. More over a Muslim has a fiduciary duty towards satisfying the Creator (Almighty Allah), Staffs, Government, Customers, Suppliers and even the Underprivileged People in the society. The imposition of "Zakath" Tax levy helps eradicate the poverty and solve uneven distribution of income amongst the community.

With the wide range of services offered by ICC, today companies can be much focused towards concentrating on core business activities rather than fire fighting against the own staffs. Administrating the staffs and spending enormous amount of time, effort and money can be saved to benefit the price competition and increase the value of the company.


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Accounting, Financing and Risk Management
Internal Auditing & Taxation
Web Development, IT/Software Solutions
Human Resource Management
Under the pretext of today's dynamic environment and intensified competition we are moving from providing feed-back information to feed-forward information. In the process we help organizations to have a balanced focus towards building a strong balance sheet whilst stimulating towards having a better balanced scorecard system. A firm to be competitive and sustain in the market it has to outperform its competitors in delivering the product and services in terms of price, quality, warranty, after sales service etc.
All these involve cost and companies need to have effective financial planning, and control systems to avoid over trading and eliminate non-value adding overheads and wastages.
Information technology is one of the paramount important factors to keep abreast with the dynamic and complex change in micro and macro-environment forces (such as, PEST).

The long-term survival of any organization is dependent on the extent to which such enterprise can defend itself to the unfavorable trend or development in the environment forces.
Human resource is a most valued asset for any organization and it should be managed in a manner which will maximize the organization objective and individual satisfaction.

Firms need to constantly review whether the staffs are motivated to provide the required task efficiently in par with their qualification and experience to suit the today's market requirement.
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Corporate Management Sri Lanka Productivity Techniques Sri Lanka Education and Tranining Programme CIMA Sri Lanka Investment Analysis Sri Lanka
Corporate Management
Producivity Techinques
Education & Training Programs
Investment Analysis
Corporate Management is fully pledged services provided by ICC covering all aspects of a client’s enterprise operational and management requirement. This will facilitate the corporate sectors to reduce the employment costs significantly and our experts from all form of corporate disciplines will excel their services to turn around the company to a profit making venture. It has become the primary concern of any organization to concentrate on all the possible measures that will enhance the productivity of the firm.

Productivity can be achieved in number of different ways. It is important to identify the numerator and the denominator in the productivity formula.
ICC is committed to provide and promote the Education, Training and Development programs that will be in line with the present market requirement.

Today firms need to heavily invest in providing the necessary professional training and developments to the existing staffs in order to enhance the productivity.
Investment has different meanings in finance and economics. Finance investment is putting money into something with the expectation of gain, that upon thorough analysis, has a high degree of security for the principal amount, as well as security of return, within an expected period of time.
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Legal, Company Secretarial, Notarial Services
Compliances of legal and secretarial practices are mandatory to any organization irrespective of its size, nature of the business or person involved. All limited liabilities companies are under a mandatory to appoint a company secretary like appointing an external auditor to provide an opinion over the compliance of SLFRS, Companies Act No 7 of 2007 of the published accounts.