human resources management services in sri lanka
Human Resource Management Services in Sri Lanka

Human resource is a most valued asset for any organization and it should be managed in a manner which will maximize the organization objective and individual satisfaction.

Firms need to constantly review whether the staffs are motivated to provide the required task efficiently in par with their qualification and experience to suit the today's market requirement.
ICC have specialized professionals who can take up major activities such as,

  • - Providing Education, Training and Development Services Conducting Performance Review
  • - Grievance Handling, Counseling, Employee / Industrial Relations
  • - Liaising with Trade Unions, Labour Department
  • - Negotiating, Drafting Collective Agreements
  • - Workmen's Compensation
  • - Reviewing on Staff Motivation
  • - Designing Reward System
  • - Developing HR Policy
  • - Head Hunting Services
  • - Reviewing on Excessive Staff
  • - Staff Restructuring
  • - Outsourcing of Staff