• Inthikab-Zufer
    Mr. Inthikab Zufer
    Managing Director

    Mr.Inthikab is a role module to all the young grooming generation who are striving to achieve excellence in their numerous fields of academic and professional certificates who has exceled his excellence even at his young age of 26 to obtain significant achievements from so many diversified world’s esteemed professional bodies which promotes the pathway to produce tomorrow’s business leaders.

    To make big story short Mr.Inthikab is a professionally qualified Chartered Marketer, Certified Management Accountant, Higher Diploma holder in Business Management and Information Technology at Singapore Informatics and has obtained 1st class Diploma in Sales & Marketing at the Indian Institute of Management & Technology. Mr.Inthikab is presently reading for his Masters in Business Administration (Final Year) at the University of Wales-Cardif in the United Kingdom.

    While talking and working together with Mr.Inthikab it is praiseworthy to pinpoint that he has shaped his own style in doing things differently that leads to achieve sustainable result. His fastest but the safest way of handling the complexity in diversity of business issues has helped to attain the peak in income, least in cost, highest in quality, utmost in economies of scale, supreme in morale, latest in technology and moving towards best-in- class practice while shaping a culture of excellence and integrity.

    Many professional examiners and even the employers from blue chip companies have identified that his meticulous pragmatic approach in problem solving and foretelling on the real world business scenario is to the extreme advantage for a corporate sector to move beyond profit.

  • Mr.T.LM. Jemseed
    Mr.T.LM. Jemseed
    MBA (Colombo),B.Com (Hon), FCA,ASCMA, FCCISL

    Mr.T.LM. Jemseed started his career at M/S, Kreston MNS & Co., ( Corresponding firm of M/S, Grant Thornton International ), a firm of Chartered Accountants as Audit and Management Consulting Trainee. The incessant outstanding performances at the examinations held by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and the academic excellence bestowed at the post graduate course in Master of Business Administration at the University of Colombo were the stepping-stone to become entrepreneur in major two premier service organizations namely Kaizen Associates-Chartered Accountants and Institute of Business Studies under the name of IBS Campus (www.ibslanka.com) in Dehiwala, Sri Lanka.

    Mr. Jemseed is a tremendous ambassador and a role module to all the practicing Chartered and Management Accountants as well as to all the professional businessmen to craft a culture of best-in- class practice on business performance and value creation even at this crucial momentum of time when the business world is faced with the dilemma of high profile corporate failures. Firms need to be constantly vigilant not only to cut-down its rising overheads, but also to focus much attention on matters like, risk and disaster management, business continuity planning, value creation and to gear towards the growing concern on sustainability.

    However, in order to carry out these tasks, you need to employ professionally qualified well experienced staffs by paying attractive remuneration package, in par with the industry average along with fringe benefits and company’s contributions to statutory provident funds etc. The bottom line of this practice is adding a permanent overhead in the month end budget at a time when the companies are striving hard to fight against the price war to grab the market share to outperform their competitors.

  • Dr. Sophy R Rodrrigo
    Dr. Sophy R Rodrrigo
    Ph.D, M.Sc Mgt (Sri J),MBS (Colombo), MBA,B.Sc Mgt (Sp),ACCA, CMA-SL

    Dr. Ms.Sophy R. Rodrrigo has excelled tremendous performance both at the academic and professional examinations. Ms.Sophy Rodrrigo has successfully completed Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D) in Psychology at the University of Alagappa in India. Her brilliance of knowledge is certified by several leading universities across the globe to proudly announce Dr. Ms.Sophy Rodrrigo as; Master of Business Studies (MBS) by the University of Colombo, Master of Science in Management (M.Sc.) by the University of Sri Jayawardenapura in Sri Lanka and Master of Business Administration (MBA) by the University of Alagappa in India.

    It is also another outstanding achievement to state that while Dr. Ms.Sophy Rodrrigo was reading for her bachelor's degree in Management (B Sc.) at the University of Sri Jayawardenapura – Sri Lanka she also completed the professional examinations of Society of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka (CMA) and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) – UK during the same time span. Dr. Ms.Sophy Rodrrigo is a visiting lecturer at the University of Colombo for post graduate students of management who are following MBA and MBS courses. Also she has produced high degree of pass rates for students of professional examinations such as, CIMA, CMA, ACCA, CPA, ABE, CTH etc.

    Dr. Ms.Sophy Rodrrigo has conducted many corporate training programs from top level executives and middle level managers to the operational level employees in the hierarchy of an organization locally and some of foreign countries too. The secret for the successful launch of these programs are being the exceptional interpretational and communicational skills in several languages. Her exposure in the mercantile sector counts more than half a decade. Dr. Ms.Sophy Rodrrigo has been a strategic thinker, a team leader, a counsellor, an exceptional problem solver, a positive thinker, a charismatic leader, a strategic business partner, a business administrator, a value creator, a financial analyst, an investment advisor, an internal auditor, a corporate planner, and a role module for all the successful corporate leaders.

    In short Dr. Ms.Sophy Rodrigo has been universally branded as the Chartered Certified Accountant, the Master in Business Studies, the Veteran in Management Science, and Doctor in Philosophy by the renowned Universities and Professional Examination Bodies across the globe.

    Her vast wealth of expertise is a boundless resource to re-engineer business process towards success at a time when the business world is faced with the dilemma of high profile corporate failures in a depressing world business scenario.

  • Amuthalingam-Mathimakan
    Mr.Amuthalingam Mathimakan
    MSc (Civil Eng) University of East London,BSc (Eng 1st Class) University of Madras, Post Graduate Dip. in Project Management from University of Moratuwa,Dip. in Programming at AM Jain College.

    Mr. Mathimakan is a practicing Engineer who has Mastered Civil Engineering at the University of East London in the United Kingdom with extensive knowledge in Project Management.

    Mr. Mathimakan has worked in India, United Kingdom and Sri Lanka in various blue-chip Companies for more than Three Decades specialized in luxury Apartment Projects.

    Mr. Mathimakan holds several professional memberships namely, Associate Member of Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka, General Member of Institute of Project Managers Sri Lanka, Graduate Member of Institute of Management, India.

    He has successfully attended training programs conducted by Computer Applications in Construction Management course at ICTAD (Present CIDA), Structural Design of High-Rise Buildings’ at University of Moratuwa, Project Management organized by Global Institute of Project Management, Colombo. His language proficiency includes Tamil, English and Sinhala.

  • Dr Haroon Thowfeek
    Dr Haroon Thowfeek
    Doctor of Medicine (MD) General Family Physician

    Health is the most precious asset for any individual and thus for a corporation. You need to constantly focus on striving for a healthier ell-being.

    Dr Haroon Thowfeek in particular plays a vigilant role in public health. He is a passionate physician with extensive experience in family medicine and hospital settings adept in properly diagnosing and strategizing for the best patient treatment. He is empathetic with a professional attitude committed to providing patients with the best care possible. Well experienced in counseling patients on preventative care and positive lifestyle changes.

    Dr Haroon is a strong leader and has rapidly become a vibrant popular doctor that patients seek expertise from due to his compassionate, nurturing, decisive and attentive attributes.With over a decade of experience in Family General Practice, Dr Haroon is currently the most consulted general practitioner on the ODoc Platform in Sri Lanka with over 21000+ consultations, largely owing to his ability to provide wholesome care by not just treating the patient but educating them as well.

    Dr Haroon is multilingual and is proficient in English, Sinhala, Tamil, Hindi and Russian. In addition to his duties at Sri Jayewardenepura General Hospital, Dr Haroon also consults in two premier private clinics at Barnes Place (Colombo 7) and at Deal Place A (Colombo 3).

  • about icon
    Mr.Riyaz M Sangani

    Having sat for the final examinations of bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Colombo and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants- UK, in the same year, Mr.Riyaz Sangani joined M/S, Diamond Cutters Ltd, as the General Manager - Finance and Administration.

    His unsurpassed interpersonal skills, strong leadership qualities, exceptional problem solving tactics and strategic decision making abilities did not take much time to settle down at his job rather it helped him to embark a new challenge to climb up his ladder to be an integral personality in the board of directors of the same company up to today. His vision did not rest with this. His inspirational leadership and the strategic move towards diversified business sectors is something even a person with esteemed professional and academic qualifications will not be inspired to take up the challenge to drive t he businesses towards success during the same span of time.

    Mr. Riyaz Sangani is a noble person with humanities who has served many under privileged people from all the communities to carry out their daily means in a manner that will sustain for the rest of their life span. He has proven his professional and academic excellence during his young age by completing his Masters Degree in Business Administration at the Post Graduate Institute of Management at the University of Sri Jayawardenapura. Mr.Riyaz is a strategist with long term vision to start with zero and turn around the business to portray global recognition and a market maker in the stock market with a fair representation and a steadfast growth and sustainability beyond one’s imagination in todays corporate world. Vidullanka Plc (www.vidullanka.com) can be quoted as the best example amongst others in order to prove the achievement of corporate excellence to any investment analyst or businessman across the globe. Mr.Riyaz Sangani counts wide array of experience in diversified ventures such as, power generation projects, diamond and sapphire studded designing, jewelleries, launching of hi-tech world class digital printing machineries and what not.

  • M.H.M.Rishard.jpg
    Mr. UM.H.M.Rishard

    Mr.Rishard is an eminent educationalist and an experienced strategist who has served as a panelist lecturer, corporate trainer, consultant to leading universities and a facilitator to corporate sectors to achieve their goals with in a short span of time. His academic and professional excellence in diversified fields such as, Marketing, Management, Research, Finance, Operation, Human Resource Management and Business Administration can be illustrated as the root cause for the corporate success.

    Mr.Rishard is a results-oriented Master in Business Administration who has served in many commercial organizations as Chief Executive Officer (CEO). It was highly praised and well recognized about his significant and progressive experience in boosting the moral of the people in and around the organizations and capable of producing the results even under drastic economic conditions.

    His exceptional skill as the Professional Marketer has enabled companies to launch many locally produced products across the globe by promoting the brand name and successfully betraying the obstacles of the rivals within the similar industry. Mr.Rishard is a team player, a charismatic leader and a knowledge resource who can articulate the team sprit and the cohesiveness amongst the workforce at all levels in an organization.

  • Dr.Hasintha-Pemerathna
    Dr. Hasintha Pemerathna
    DBA, MBA(Phil), BBA, ACPM(Asia), CPM(India), AMIM, AMSLIM

    Dr.Hasintha Pemarathna has been awarded Doctor in Business Adminstration and able to achieve outstanding performance at his professional quailifiacation in the Marketing field. As a talented marketer Dr. Hasintha played useful role in creating and enhancing the art of communication and approach on people. His dedication and total commitments in the research gave Dr.Hasintha the confidance to successfully face any challenge in the process of reengineering and change management.

    The areas of expertism of Dr.Hasintha include in the field of Change Management, Total Quality Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Money and Banking, Management Information System, Strategic Management, Project Management, Business Feasibility Project, Business Ethics, Critical Thinking Organizational Theory and Consumer Behavior and so on.

    Dr.Hasintha has embodied his innovative style in management where he is authoritative in crafting his own style of management independent from other renowned theoreticians. His modern approach of leadership style is well accepted and has shined the corporate world a new era in providing best-in-class practice and high sprit of motivation amongst the staffs from all levels in an organization.

    Dr.Hasintha is also an expert in Marketing Management. He has been in forefront in turning around loss making businesses in to profit making organizations. The secret of turning around the companies is only best known to Dr. Hasintha Pemarathna.

    Dr. Hasintha is a hard working personal who can be depended on the expert consultancy and advisory services provided to streamline the corporate resources to yield economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Mr.Marsoom Moulana1
    Mr. Marsoom Moulana
    Attorney at Law. Notary Public, Visiting Lecturer of Law Director

    Mr.Marsoom Moulana is a talented Attorney at Law & Notary Public who has successfully completed LLM Part I in International Trade Law (United Kingdom) and reading dissertation of LLM Part II in International Trade Law,UK. He has also successfully completed Certificate in Business Accounting of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (UK).

    Mr. Marsoom Moulana is a versatile personality with his excellent intellectual capacity to analyze and foresee the dynamic socio-economic and political environment.

    Mr. Marsoom Moulana is the Managing Director of Capital Plus (Pvt) Ltd involving in construction and consultancy services. He provides legal and business solutions for his clients.

    Mr. Marsoom Moulana is a visiting lecturer of Law contractual Procedures for EDEXCEL UK’s BTEC HND leading to BSc (Hon) (U.K) Programs in Quantity Surveying at British College of Applied Studies. Also he is a lecturer of Business Law for EDEXCEL UK’s BTEC HND Leading to BSc (Hon) (U.K) Programs in Business Management at British College of Applied Studies and Business Law for CIMA (U.K) at Knowledge Base Business Studies (KBBS) Dehiwala, Business Law and Business Ethics for EDEXCEL UK’s BTEC HND Leading to BSc (Hon) (U.K) Programs in Business Management at the Institute of Data Management (IDM) City Campus, Colombo, EDEXCEL and delivered lectures on Criminal Law at British College of Applied Studies. Also he has worked as the Course Leader for the Faculty of Law of Prince City Campus and delivered lecturers of Criminal Law and Constitutional Law at Prince City Campus Colombo.

    In short Mr. Marsoom Moulana has been lecturing Construction Law, Commercial law, Criminal Law and Constitutional law for institution such as BCAS, IDM & PCC for more than 15 years as an academic personality.

    He is also a media personality appearing as guest for socio-economic and political shows as a critique and analyst. He is a poet and well-known orator in Sri Lanka. His passion towards extra-curricular activities is really an inspiration for the younger generation.