Productivity Techniques

It has become the primary concern of any organization to concentrate on all the possible measures that will enhance the productivity of the firm.
Productivity can be achieved in number of different ways. It is important to identify the numerator and the denominator in the productivity formula.
They are;

Corporaet Management

You can complicate this definition by including other factors like energy and resources, but I prefer the simplicity of time because in most cases factors like energy and resources are reducible to time anyway. Time also makes it very easy to compare different levels of productivity, such as output per hour or per day.

Apparently you can make some significant gains on the time side. There are many personal productivity optimizations which, especially if you introduce them in your youth, will produce a massive net savings of time over the course of your life. The more time you invest in any optimization attempt, the lower your net return, all else being equal.

Companies successfully moving towards productivity will achieve economy, efficiency and effectiveness. This will have positive reciprocal effect on firms’ profitability. As such firms not only view its production capability as a holistic picture rather greater emphasis and care is taken in measuring each and every activity in the production process as micro latitude.

A separate specialized area has emerged in this arena under the name of work study where attempts are made to find out the time taken to complete a production process and thereby find ways and means to reduce the same. This will undoubtedly help enhance the productivity.

The other ways are in plenty. Japanese always believe in lean manufacturing and activity-based management. Also it is an important phenomenon to keep the materials and other accessories in the production floor in an easily accessible way. A research done in one of the Japanese factories has found that if only the relevant tools and equipment needed for the production are kept at an arranged way that will yield greater productivity. A detailed study on this approach is called 5S system.

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Accounting and book-keeping are life blood for any organization to assess the performance and the financial health of the company. We provide the accounting information covering all aspects of business operation that can be made use by different stake holders such as the owners, staff, government legislative bodies, lenders, present and prospective investors etc. It is increasingly becoming important to allocate more time in formulating and implementing strategic financial management and tax planning. The financial decisions will invariably make an impact on overall cost of capital of an organization. Information technology is one of the paramount important factors to keep abreast with the dynamic and complex change in micro & macro-environment forces (such as, PEST). The long-term survival of any organization is dependent on the extent to which such enterprise can
defend itself to the unfavorable trend or development in the environment forces.
Human resource is a most valued asset for any organization and it should be managed in a manner which will maximize the organization objective and individual satisfaction. Firms need to constantly review whether the staff are motivated to provide the required task.
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Corporate Management is fully pledged services provided by ICC covering all aspects of a client’s enterprise operational and management requirement. This will facilitate the corporate sectors to reduce the employment costs significantly and our experts from all form of corporate disciplines will excel their services to turn around the company to a profit making venture. ICC is committed to provide and promote the Education, Training and Development programs that will be in line with the present market requirement.

Today firms need to heavily invest in providing the necessary professional training and developments to the existing staffs in order to enhance the productivity.
Investment has different meanings in finance and economics. Finance investment is putting money into something with the expectation of gain, that upon thorough analysis, has a high degree of security for the principal amount, as well as security of return, within an expected period of time.
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